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Going to borrow Dorothea’s blogclog concept and list out things I want to write about, but have no energy for at this moment.

The first is my Quotes system, as part of my Year of Linking Dangerously. I know you all think I’m after you to throw out your blogrolls and get rid of your links. Not at all. I’m just implementing something different for my weblog that won’t be subject to the whims of time and change. I hope to have a rough test implementation on this in a day or two. There will still be links, it’s just that they’ll be a little smarter is all.

Second: Michael sent me the link to this article about the lack of women in the computer profession. This is the type of article that generates a great deal of conversation, and I hope to be a part of it. But I just don’t have the energy to start the conversation tonight. You first.

As for me, all I want to do is go to bed after taking a handful of Advil washed down with a margarita.

Just Shelley


Now, hear me out before you condemn my stupidity.

I did go to the park today for a light, gentle hike, at Washington Park, to be exact. Except that I had read my guide wrong and instead of grade two hikes, these were grade four, which is one level below absolute wilderness.

It was cold and only a few people were about, none on the trails. I started out at the Thousand Steps trail, and it wasn’t too bad — a barely visible dirt path buried under leaves along a meandering creek; rough road but passable, even with a sore hip. Well, until I got to the Steps.

The Steps are really incredible — rough, hand hewn stones set into the side of a steep hill to give people some stability for their climb. Except over time the stones had settled and drifted about and now it’s a toss up as to which is worse to climb: the Steps or the hillside directly.

This was a level four climb, and that was a level four path and there was no way I was going to attempt it with a sore hip, no walking stick, and wearing my tennis shoes. Do you think I’m daft, now?

When I got back to the car I checked the guide again and saw my mistake on the level of difficulty for the trails. But another trail, the Opossum Track Trail promised to provide relatively easy going until it hit what it called “The Exercise Hill”. I decided to walk it until the Hill.

The trail was a little rougher than the Steps, but fairly level and extremely pleasant. The path followed a creek that was partially frozen and it was cool but sunny. No highway noise, which was a treat.

When the trail started getting a bit rough for my hip, I turned around. During the return walk, I heard gun shots in the distance, surprising me as I didn’t think hunting season was in effect and the guns sounded a bit close. Not close enough to be a danger to me, but too close to the Park, itself.

Being out there in the rough woods with not a soul around and listening to the far off gun shots reminded me of the movie Deliverance. I thought to myself, I’d have to hook the song into the posting when I covered my little hike today. In fact, I was so caught up in thinking about the weblog that I stepped on a hidden stone, twisting my ankle and losing my footing, started to fall and grabbed out at a smallish tree, thereby pulling my body around with considerable force and causing massive pain to the same hip and lower back area that was injured in my previous fall.

(Where’s that damn gooseneck lamp when you need it.)

Though not particularly fun, I made it back to the car. What normally would have taken about 15 minutes took over an hour, but I made it.

Before you say that you have no sympathy for me for getting hurt while hiking through unknown, rough, peopleless woods with a injured hip, I know — it was a damn stupid, macho trick. I know, I know — stooooopid. However, if I had been paying attention, I still wouldn’t have been hurt.

Injured while weblogging and without a keyboard in sight. That has to be a first.


Just Shelley

Gooseneck lamp update

Not that everyone is breathless with anticipation of my next health update, a quick message about status of back, legs, walking, and combination thereof.

One thing about being a klutz, you heal fairly quickly. I’m doing much better. I can sit at my desk now, which accounts for frenzy of activity lately. And I can stand and walk, though I still have that deep ache in my hip, lower back area. I’m thinking some careful walking about will take care of that. At this moment, the gooseneck lamp’s chances for survival are quite good.

I was going to take my lazy butt out for a smallish hike yesterday, but the trail I want to try is too far away, so I’m heading out now. The new trail has some interesting whatnots, including Missouri’s only petroglyphs, as well as hand carved rock steps in places. From the park description, the paths sound to be fairly even though they can be a little steep at times. However, I’ll shuffle along, using caution, remembering that at my advanced age (40’s), I’m an old fart, and can’t skip about like a fresh young kitten anymore.

Will take photos. Of course.

Technology Weblogging

Movable Type tips and tricks

So, how do you like the new look, eh? Still playing a bit, but it’s getting there — blue/green for sky and water; tan/rust/brown for earth and fire; gray/black/white for air and snow.

I’ve also been exploring different things to do with Movable Type; this weblogging tool is amazingly versatile. The Trott’s have left all sorts of open interfaces into the tool that you can use for whatever you want, such as my new Backtrack goodie.

If you use Movable Type, then two weblogs that should be on your must browse list:

My change for comments and trackback entries is a variation of PHP that I found at Girlie Matters web site. I don’t at this moment use Brad’s plug-ins, but I’m sure I will in the future.