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Taking a break

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

After today, I’m not sure I even want to continue weblogging.

The same people who question about my not ‘getting well with others on the lists’, – have you ever stopped to notice that it’s almost always the same people controlling the discussion? The format? The invitees?

Perhaps the issue is not that I don’t get along well on these lists – it’s that I don’t get along well with certain people, but they’re usually in charge. And I can agree with this.

I will say this – Sam made a statement in an email earlier, and in his weblog that shows he genuinely wants open discussion. So I wish him luck in all good faith. And I thank him for inviting me in, but I’m not sure why he did. Still – thank you Sam for thinking of me.

As for me – I’m going back to working on the server and writing my essays and taking my photos. And trying to decide if I even want to continue this weblog. At this point, I don’t see the point.


Data Model – Final

Due to recent emails accusing me of not playing well with others, barging in, being difficult, and other really joyful things such as the following:

Where do you get off barging into this list and pissing all over
everything? You were invited, presumably, because many people value
your opinion. But don’t think you can get away with your usual stunts
of recklessly flaming everyone and then apologizing later. Save it for
your blog.

I will not be working with any of the so-called ‘team’ members, those who believe that if you don’t go along, then you’re not part of the program. And you know who the fuck you are.

But I will be watching those who do – and I will not stay the fuck stay silent either. Go buy a cookie cutter if that’s what you want, and stop wasting mine and everyone else’s time.

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Data Model Two

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Why was I disappointed in the wiki drilling down into the physical yesterday, with the statement about well formed HTML? Because it totally disregards the structure that I proposed yesterday, which sees ‘content’ as something more than just a simple blob of markup. By mentioning ‘well formed HTML’, it sets the context and makes it difficult to have a discussion about anything other than content being a simple blob of markup.

Some folks did respond, and I will respond later when I have more time. One person, Dare, responded to my post in Sam’s comments, addressing me directly, which I thought was bizarre and incomprehensible. However, Tim Bray and James Shell and some folks in my comments had some good points, and I’ll address them later.

First, though, I’ve also noticed that Someone is editing my comments in the wiki, and removed the link to my material and others. Doesn’t have to be Sam – the problem with an open wiki is that it’s completely open. Anyone could have done this. Anyone.

This didn’t start out well – now, how do we fix it?


It’s official – I hate wiki. I hate it with a passion. Anyone can come along and decide that they want to organize it, and remove or edit or move my writing. If I thought the comment thing was bad, this is worse.

The wiki has now been reorganized. Again. And someone has moved my stuff. Again. Based on their judgement they plunked my comments in a secondary page, with no hint or question from the group about whether their assessment is accurate, or even appreciated.

Wikis – nothing more than arrogance run amuck.

I can’t tell what’s going on where anymore everything has been moved and reorganized so much. However, it looks like we’re into XML implementation details now.

Question: has any non-techie made any input at all into this? Through comment, weblog, or wiki entry?