A tale of two technologies

I just published the first two parts of the four-part Tale of Two Monsters. These are something different, with the first covering legends and old sci-fi movies; the second covers the field known as cryptozoology and if you’ve not heard of it, you’ve heard of the beasties this field investigates.

Fun stuff. Well, I thought it was fun stuff. These four articles took considerable time to research, and I met all sorts of interesting people online through them.

I still have to edit the last two, to make sure the data is up to date. So much has happened with giant squid research, that I know I’m badly out of date in the third article. Once these are finished, then I have a few other old stories to port, and can get to the new stuff–a couple of LAMP essays, including one on the concept of open source Java (J-LAMP?) How appropriate that Apple’s hot new server comes with a Java-based blogging tool.

Is the Java community feeling threatened by the upstarts, PHP and Python, and their grandaddy, Perl? Guess it’s time for another Parable of the Languages.

I also discovered a very fun new toy, and am creating not one but three FLASH movies featuring the same song recorded by three different women, and using my photographs and other graphics.

Playing time aside, I was delayed with today’s publication because of work commitments and this and that. Additionally, I wanted to use page breaks with these very large articles, which meant finishing up my WordPress tweaks. Now, you have an option with larger articles of accessing each individual page by clicking on the page number; or selecting to read the entire article, as one unbroken page. I’ve also added code so that the comments only show at the end of the article, not at the end of each page.

The second Tale of Two Monsters references a site called Blather. If you’re into UFOs, Nessie, odd science, the occult, conversing with fellow druids, Greenpeace, or very different and very interesting people, you really need to spend some time at this site.

And this will make Dave Winer and the RSS Advisory Board members happy: Blather features RSS 2.0 feeds.

updateBlather is using Movable Type. Wow, talk about future meeting past with a clash and a bang. However, I love the idea of the cryptozoologists getting weblogs–these guys are pros at conspiracy theory. Compared to them, we’re rank amateurs.

What made me happy was finding a copy of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, which I haven’t seen in years. I know it’s a turkey – but they were the best kind.

Next week…The Wasp Woman!

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