Google Email

I had received a Google email invitation a week or so back. Originally I created the account under shelleyp, but I’ve since moved to an account with ‘burningbird’ as the recipient. The original name is too close to my primary email account. And nobody, I mean nobody spells my name correctly.

I used a Google invitation to ‘move’ my account, and closed down the old one. However, Google is like a lot of ‘beta’ social software apps – it doesn’t close an account down cleanly. Email still goes to my old account without bouncing back, and I have no way to access it.

First thing engineers should design into a new social software application: the exit.

If you want to reach me via email, you might send it to me at the new account. I don’t have any spam there…yet. I think you can figure out how to form the email address from what I’ve given in this post.

If you’ve sent email to the old Google email account– marriage proposal, death threat, an invitation to join you in hot, torrid, sex, or a great job offer (hopefully not all in the same email)– you might want to resend it to the new address; the Google engineers have the original now, and they’re at home, with their feet up on the coffee table, drinking beers, and making a whole lot of fun of what you’ve written.

And yes, if I get any invitations, I’ll offer them online.

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