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I am in the process of establishing flags and options for several hard coded references in the code. For instance, right now the code automatically closes all comments older than ten days, and I need to make this into a user controlled option.

I’m also making use of the /tmp space, for some of the metadata work as well as creating the static copies of the pages (the ’static’ mode in WordPress doesn’t create truly static pages; Wordform does). I need to make this configurable, and allow a person to designate a write directory…or /tmp if they prefer. Gallery does this, as well as most other tools that support writes of this nature.

For the metadata, I’ll have finished the API interface layer to RAP (RDF API for PHP), which can then be coded to a different RDF backend.

A last major job is to finish the data isolation layer. Working on this gets tedious at times so I only clean a block of code at a time. I’m working on my last block now.

Clean-up and metadata, and the release probably won’t be out until towards the end of this weekend.

In the meantime, if you have installed Wordform alpha-01 and have played with it, I would appreciate hearing from you. Especially if you have any feedback other than what I’ve received already. For those who have been kind enough to provide feedback, my appreciations.

Must add option to turn on, or off, enclosures in syndication feeds.

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