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Another update

I was asked to help a group weblog with its new look a week or so ago and it ended up being more work than I expected. However, I finally finished that work today — really, really finished– and have started my final descent for the first release of this product.

I found a couple of things I need to change. First of all, WordPress creates page titles the first time you save a post. However, I think the page title should match the post title up and until you publish a post. But, there’s a difference between a title being generated and one manually entered, so if go this approach, I’ll need to add a flag to the database.

However, I’m tired of numbered posts appearing because I forget to title a post when I save a draft, and then forget to change the post SLUG before publishing.

Some more clean up in Admin to pull all SQL separate from the processing.

And I’ve finally taken my first shot at integrating RDF API in as an extension to support the metadata effort. That one isn’t going as well as I would like — but it is optional, and if need be, I’ll leave it off the first release.

Oh, I do love my interface, and my comment management, but magic quotes got screwed up again.

All in all though, it’s movin’ along.

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