Another weblog delinked

Update Steve Himmer also also had his weblog link pulled from Mike Sander’s weblog. Steve, being more reasonable than I (or less pissed, or less sick), has provided an excellent response to Mike’s posting today.

I was surprised when I saw that Steve’s link was pulled (well, I was surprised when I got my email about my link being pulled). I think he’s probably one of the most reasonable people I know of — calm, quiet, caring, and definitely balanced as to viewpoint. He’s concerned that he somehow gave the impression of being a pro-terrorist sympathizer with his writing.

Steve, I read everything you write, and even though I have been painted with the same brush as you, I’ve never seen anything but calm, quiet, and intelligent discourse. Consider this — I believe I was labeled thus because of my discussions last week and a link as far as I know of; Mike wouldn’t explain the details other than what you see in the comments, and that seems to be more along the line of being pro-Israel than anything. I am confused about the “understanding” part myself. Because I point to Ord, I am a sympathizer? Is that the key?

I would say that it’s up to Mike to provide detailed understanding of his point of view at this time rather than forcing all of us to explain ours.

P.S. Yes, it is anyone’s right to pull a weblog link. However, when a person does so with words such as terrorist sympathizer attached to the action, and the weblogs can be easily deduced by anyone who can view before and after pictures of his blogroll, then this person has stepped beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior. And yes, this is my opinion.

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