Lighter note, thanks to Tutor

Before getting into the meat of this posting — my abject terror of that cherry lollipop foot stompin’ nasty, Captain Blowtorch — I did want to chat with you all first.

I’ve been very angry today. Probably more angry than I have been in a long time. By implication, Mike Sanders has called me a terrorist sympathizer. The implication is based on his message associated with the weblogs he pulled, mine being one of them. This is not something you can call a person and they maintain any mask of reasonableness — because the charge itself is so heinous. And in this country and in this day, dangerous. There are people out there in our government and without that will jump on the possibility of anyone being a sympathizer to terrorism.

However, I have been very angry in most of the comments today, and that’s something I have been trying very hard not to do in previous postings. I value you, my readers. I value what you say. And I always want you to feel comfortable speaking your mind in this weblog. Forgive me my ire. I am very, very, very sick today — but that’s only partially responsible for my words. My temper is responsible for the rest. My apologies.

Now, on to fun stuff.

That dastardly devil of the Marketing Anti-Market, Captain Blowtorch is seeking an oath of allegiance from Happy tutor’s former friends. I, however, have been excluded from amnesty, because the flame that floofed, Torchie, himself, knows that I prefer the wise and noble brow of that arch-enemy of the marketing proletariat — Happy Tutor.

Tutor, Tutor — wherefore art thou, Tutor! Come, sit beside me, munch a cherry lollipop or two or three.

Anyway, Torchie — you’re hairy and you smell, you spit when you talk and you wear polyester — and I still won’t cooperate with you, or your little Free Market minions, too. hahahahahahahahah!

(However, I heard that John Anthony is ready to cut a deal. Send in RageBoy, and JA will fold like a wet paper towel…)

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