Babes in the markup

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I have really been enjoying Liz’s XML Class Weblog. It’s so refreshing ‘hearing’ all these voices newly exposed to XML, RSS, RDF, Schemas and so on. With the weblog, I feel as if I’m peeking into Liz’s class, itself. This posting on the students’ personal weblogs already demonstrates that some of Liz’s students are getting the real spirit of commenting.

Wouldn’t it be nice to preserve that innocent introduction to, and joy of, XML and its related children? Before the voices become jaded, contentious, semi-religious in fervor, biting, cutting, suppressing, picky, snippy, grumpy, and bored?

The thing is, I keep having this almost obsessive desire to post comments in the weblog. Start a nice, lovely, Burningbird style of conversation with Liz’s students.


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