SVGWeb and the XML Issue

I’ve been playing around with SVGWeb, liking the library more over time. I re-created the SVG in HTML5 example, and at first it didn’t work. I thought it could be because SVGWeb couldn’t manage the metadata element, but when I loaded the page in Firefox, with Firebug, I found that the SVG/XML still had the bugs I […]

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The Parable of the Languages

Archived at Wayback Machine, including original comments If programming languages could speak, really speak, not just crunch bytes and stream bits, they would have much to say that is both wise and profound. After all, the original programmers were philosophers, and programming languages were philosopher tools… In Babble Meadow, in the twilight hours between day […]

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XML Expectations

Originally published at Netscape Enterprise Developer, now archived at Wayback Machine Extensible Markup Language is a language that defines other languages. It also has the potential to give structure and meaning to the information contained in HTML documents or any other data form — making such information naturally as searchable and structured as the information […]