Bali’s right next door

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Chris writes:

My buddy Rick, one of my oldest friends and dearest, has been in Bali for a few weeks. My mate the Bearman got an email from him a couple of days ago, and apparently Rick was partying it up in Kuta last Friday night. The bomb went off on Saturday night, and we’ve been trying to get in touch with him since. So far, we’ve heard nothing.


Just woke up. He’s alive, and on this list as ‘Richard H. Gluosom’. No idea yet what his condition is, though.

I’m not a praying person, Chris, Bearman. But I’m a hoping person. And right at this moment, I’m hoping for you and I’m hoping with all my might for your friend. I’m hoping a whole hell of a lot.

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