Being the Center of the Universe

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Frank Paynter, who formed part of the Blonde Joke, had to break the chain because of bandwidth issues. My own statistics show the following patterns for unique visitors to the site after the joke ‘broke’:

January 12: 6107 unique visitors
January 13: 11,509 unique visitors
January 14: 11,689 unique visitors
January 15: 11,222 unique visitors
January 16: 12,673 unique visitors
January 17: 15,954 unique visitors
January 18: 15,898 unique visitors

At this time, I am using 1.75 GB of bandwidth daily. If the trend continues, extrapolating from the growth, I will overtake Instapundit in unique visitor count sometime in early February. I could overtake Slashdot by late Spring. Wikipedia will soon fall, most likely in June. I will possibly pass Google by Fall.

And there’s nothing any of us can do to stop it.

This is funny.

This is scary.

I’ve broken the thread to SB, and hence broke the thread to Frank. I’ll add SB back if she wishes. In the meantime, I changed the link, adding a twist, and we’ll see what this does.

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