Black holes, two towers, and blogsprogs

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I don’t know why I get these little feverish blogging spurts on Friday afternoons. After all, Friday afternoon is the Weblogging Dead Zone — the black hole for weblog posts not read.

Still, someone has to keep rolling.

Speaking of rolling, the next Hobbit movie, Twin Towers opens next week. I know that Dorothea and David are looking forward to it. However, I’m not sure they match the anticipation of Ben and Tempe Vierck. Ben posted a link to a photo of Tempe in advanced stages of pregnancy, and in the comments to the posting at Tempe’s weblog, she wrote:

She is head down. You’ll have to talk to her about the dropping part. I would rather she hold off until after two towers. (Emphasis mine.)

That’s fan dedication. BTW, I was the first weblogger to correctly guess the sex of Ben and Tempe’s upcoming baby, based on a sly hint of Ben’s. But I’m not telling. Neener, neener.

Four weblogging couples expecting babies within the next month. Going to be exciting around here.

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