Blogger Lexicon 3

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Okay, here you go — the permalink reference to the Blogicon.

Contributions welcome, otherwise I’ll have to scrounge through the weblogs, stealing new entries.


More new entries into the Blogicon (Blog Lexicon):

blog fart: old fart who blogs; really bad blog blurb

buzz: links or references to a specific blog posting; web site stats; hits; Daypop or Blogdex rating

Fishrush technique: Getting buzz or blogrolling via an award

permalink: Permanent hypertext link to a specific Blog Blurb, posting, or blog content

There’s a reason why I’m screwing around so much with my weblog this week and not working on taxes or books as I should. I’m in a very hyper mood — manic. Can’t focus on work, so I’ll weblog instead! And since I’m my own boss, what am I going to do, fire myself?

Still, weblogging does NOT pay the bills. I’ll be good…after Friday…


Okay, so I’m getting into this Blogsticker thing. I checked through ALL the entries (I think) and so far haven’t found the following:

Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Blog, and you blog alone

    •  (though I did find “Blog, and the whole world blogs with you.”)

Give me blogging, or give me death!

To blog, or not to blog; that is the question.

Zen, and the art of weblogging

This is your blog; this is your blog on drugs
As soon as I have time (time, what’s that?) I’ll download the template and make up my blogstickers.

I love the little I “heart” blogsticker from Meryl. However, I’ve noticed something — no one is sticking the blogstickers at their sites? I don’t see one anywhere. Why aren’t you people posting these little babies?

I bet I know the reason why — it’s the same reason none of you will get a lava lamp, isn’t it? Or put magnets on your fridge, right? Or use avocado green, harvest gold, turqoise, and orange in your place. Or cover your couch with plastic! Too 50’s, right? Ruin your weblogging decor, right? Too, too, pink flamingo, right?

Well, as soon as I can I’m going to put a sticker on my site. And I’m going to change my weblog site colors to purple, orange, rose pink, and mint green! And, you know something else? I have both lava lamps(several) AND Marvin the Martian stuff all over my living room. Ha!

Bad taste is nothing more than good taste that has the guts to be different! Remember this! This is your new mantra! Go forth, now, and spread Bad Taste wherever you may, wherever you can!


Another entry for the Blogger Lexicon:

k-log or klog: employer sponsored knowledge management weblog, usually behind a firewall

This came from Phil Wolff, who also asked about a permalink to the Lexicon. Thanks for the new entry and the suggestion, Phil. I’m working on pulling the Blogger Lexicon into it’s own page as we speak.

In addition, I’m now annotating each entry with the origination of the term, whether found or sent in. I want to give credit where credit is due when I steal…urh…incorporate weblogging terms into the Lexicon. Those that aren’t annotated come from my own evil, twisty mind, or are in such general use that no one person can be credited with the start of the term (corrections are welcome).

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