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Rolling out Radio 8.0

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Okay, one point to Dave. But he owes me for Joseph Crosby ;->


Quick note to Userland folks — I’m happy you all rolled out a product, but the hype’s beginning to equate to a certain iMac I know.

Radio 8.0 is a weblogging tool/personal CMS. And that’s cool. It isn’t the second coming.


Congrats to the UserLand folks for rolling out Radio 8.0.

Dane’s dumping Greymatter for Radio, but I’ll stay with Greymatter or Movable Type when I move off Blogger. However, the open source route’s not for everyone and I can respect that. (Not understand it, maybe; but respect it.) For folks wanting to run from their own desktop, Radio seems to be very affordable. And it runs on Mac OS X as well as Windows.

Now, if we can only convince the Userland folks to open source the code, the software could run on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris,…

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