I’m playing around with my new PowerBook. Well, new is a relative term –it’s a pre-owned TiBook that I bought from a friend; but I’m having as much fun with it as if it were new.

Instead of my 500 MHz processor, this one is an 800 MHz processor, with double the memory (1GB). And space! Over 60GB of space. Plenty of room for photos, and it’s loaded with Tiger–I finally understand widgets! In fact, I could easily become addicted to widgets.

PhotoShop likes the new machine. It works like a normal application now.

With the money I saved buying pre-owned, I can now buy an iPod. Well, more likely tires for my car, but I’m indulging in the fantasy of watching Battlestar Galactica on my sexy little iPod since episodes to the show are now for sale. However, no reason I can’t download the episodes to my new PowerBook. I have space now, you know. Lots of space.

I couldn’t get the migration utility to work between my two powerbooks, but I was able to network the two via ethernet connection. This is better, as I can just copy my songs to iTunes in the new machine, as well as my photos, email, documents, software, and x-rated movies.

Well, I should end this post. I don’t want to be accused of logorrhea. I picked that one up from my “Word of the Day” widget; it means excessive talkativeness or wordiness. A perfect title for a weblog.

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