But it’s not spring yet

The first of the major Spring storms is hitting us, and will continue for the next few hours. It’s not even Spring, but we reached into the 70’s today, and should drop 40 or so degrees within the next hour or two. Can’t have two such strong systems meet without something bumping.

We have a tornado watch, but I’m more concerned about the hail. I called my roommate at work to see how the weather is where he’s at and he says they’re being hit hard with hail. He’s driving Golden Girl, so hopefully my car won’t suffer the consequences. Much.

At least we’re not getting the snow other places have received.

When I walked in Powder a couple of days ago, I chatted with a couple I run into from time to time and they told me about the birds they’ve seen this week. The pileated woodpecker is out and about, as was a flock of bluebirds. When I was there, I saw some form of small bird I can’t identify, as well as titmouse in addition to the usual cardinals, robins, jays, and so on. No, Spring is not waiting for the calendar this year.

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