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These tennies are made for walking

I’m taking a break from my Katy Trail challenge to meet a challenge of a different nature this weekend – participating in the St. Louis Race for the Cure, in support of breast cancer research.

Katy Trail adventures will return next week.


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A bit of excitement today

I was working at my computer when I noticed a black cloud in the direction of the apartment complex office. I could hear the sirens of a lot of fire vehicles. So I grabbed my camera and headed in the direction of the smoke.

The fire was not in the office but the Dobb’s auto place, in the strip mall at the corner of Laclede’s Landing and Watson, about 2 blocks from my home. The tires in the back had caught fire, which was burning hot enough to endanger the surrounding area. They closed off Laclede just by my apartment.

There were onlookers in the strip mall lot and people across the street, but I noticed a bunch of journalists in the lot near the auto store. So I joined them. What the hey, I have an online publication – sort of.

Three helicopters monitored the fire, and all the networks were represented, though I noticed Fox News was too late. Several print publication folks, too. Engine companies from at least three communities were present: Brentwood, Kirkland, and St. Louis. I counted at least 4 ladder trucks, 3 aid cars, and several other assorted fire and police. Three firepeople were overcome by the heat and fumes at one point, and came outside, sat on the cement for a bit. No problem though, just a hot day and burning tires – bad combination. Hack, hack. I know.

Right now the fire’s under control but the TV cable’s out and there’s a thick nasty cloud of smoke over everything. It’s enough to choke you. Choke me. Zoe is very unhappy about all the noise and fuss.

Here’s some pics.

P.S. Air quality sucks wormy green apples at the moment. Hack, hack. But, it was a lot of fun playing journalist. I could get used to this.















Events of note Just Shelley


Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Just had an earthquake — my first San Francisco earthquake.

Strange experience!

Not a biggie — but shook the apartment. I’ve never been through one of the Seattle quakes, so this was my first earthquake. The ground does roll, doesn’t it?

more on the quake at USGS and SF Gate.

Update — I was the first source online to report the quake. You can all pay me now…

Just found out the quake was a 5.2, and occurred at 10:01 in Gilroy, south of San Francisco. This is a significant quake without being overly dangerous. Enough to shake but not shatter.

Reports of water pipe breakage, that sort of thing. My apartment’s on landfill, which might account for the “rolling” impression. I actually felt it in my chair before it rattled the door. Felt as if the floor literally rolled under me.

Sorry if I’m going on, but this really was a unique experience for me…

BTW — You’ll all be glad to know that I looked out the window and the Bay Bridge is still standing 😉