Come on, let’s change the weather

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

It’s so hot today, even the sun is sweating. Hot, humid, ucky air, ew.

I don’t known about anyone else, but I hate August. I do, I really hate August. I thought that since there are so many of us webloggers, since we outnumber the stars in the heavens and the grains of sand on the beaches and the little finches and wee babies in their cribs, I figure we could combine our mojo power and change the weather. Seriously, we’re only one shy of infinity in count and that ought to be worth a minor planetary upheaval.

All we need to do is write in our weblogs, “I hate August” and the weight of our words, the wind of our postings rushing past, our combined might will become a force of nature. We will make this world tremble!

Of course this is for the northern hemisphere. We may end up leading to an imbalance that will wipe out most of the southern hemisphere. If we do, we promise to remember those on the other side of the world, and their noble sacrifice. Why, I’ll personally post a “I remember the whatchamicallums. You know, the ones with the kangaroos and outdoor grilling fixation”, in my sidebar. Is South Korea northern or southern hemisphere? Northern? Well, we’ll probably wipe it out, too, so I’ll also make sure to mention those crazy kids.

Come on people, type those words, hammer those fingers down, stomp those feet, make the world shift on its axis!

I hate August!

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