Planet Powers

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’m aggregating all of my posts at Planet Powers, providing both an HTML interface, as well as syndication feeds. I’m using the Planet Planet software, which is relatively simple to use, though requires a technical background. I appreciate the creators making the software available and the only quibbles I have are: caching can be a problem when you make a mistake in the configuration file; there’s no documentation on how to set some of the template values; and the authors would do well to change the example email address in the config.ini file–especially if they want women to feel welcome using the application.

Right now I’m using the default web page template, and have no plans to change this anytime soon. Well, other than to make a couple of minor changes so that it validates. It’s a nice, clean, interface and I have other things to work on. Besides, I’m mainly providing this site as a way of providing aggregated feeds for all my sites–a better approach than trying to remember to post a link here when I publish a new writing elsewhere.

There’s an Atom feed, which is the default. However, there’s also a RSS 2.0 feed and a RSS 1.0 feed, in addition to a FeedBurner page. All provide full content.

(Thanks to Sam Ruby for indirect reminder of the software.)

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