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Comment spammers redux

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Seems to be a technology day today.

Phil caught a comment spammer who was trying to dump spam comments in all of his posts. This process would work within any weblog that sequentially numbers weblog posts (ie Movable Type).

I’m going to try and tweak my mt-comments.cgi to stop POSTs from pages outside of my root URL. This is my way of warning you all that the comments, web pages, weblog may be a tad more behaviorally challenged than normal.

Update: I added checks on referers and this will prevent posts from locations other than my own weblog server. Unfortunately, as Phil pointed out, http referers are fairly easy to fake. I also wrote a test script that did so, and my checks failed to catch a ‘fake’ referer.

Still, it’s a start…

If you attempt to post a comment and fail, please send me an email and I’ll check to see what the problem is. Unless, of course, you’re the spammer. In which case: Eat dirt and die scuzzbucket!

Ahem. Thank you.

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