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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I published, then pulled, then re-published a couple of posts, but have finally left them alone. Today is one of those days when no matter what I do, I feel vaguely dissatisfied.

At least if I’m going to have one of those days, I had it on the weekend.

There’s been discussion again about what should be in our RSS/Atom feeds. I was reading the comments in another weblog and hit not one, but two separate comments to the person about providing full feeds, rather than excerpts. The posts were about photographs. I don’t know why, but this annoys the heck out of me.

Well let’s see, first I’ll change my feeds so that it contains all the text, but you still won’t get the photos–I have hot link protection. So I remove this so that you can also get photos, and then you have something like my last essay, which is long, and full of photos. At that point, then we’ll hear about how we need to do these longer essays differently, so that our writing fits within the constraints of this environment. Put long essays in a separate place, and just do link and comment or tiny blurbs here.

But then, we should link to others, otherwise we’re a ‘dead end’, I heard one person refer to it. What’s a dead end blogger? Someone who writes without linking to others.

And why are we doing all of this? So that someone who is subscribed to a 1000 different feeds, doesn’t have to leave their aggregator.

Ah, no. Sorry. I guess I won’t become Bloglines top subscribed site.

However, I will compromise on the issue. I’ve provided a comments feed that contains the full transcript of the comments.

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