Feb 4, 2002

Recovered from the Wayback Machine

Allan found a great Valentine game — for the romantic among us, of course.

I am NOT telling the scores I got. No siree. I quickly found that Orange sucks big time at this type of game.

Personally, I think the people on the high scoring list either cheat or are under 12.


Visting my Plutonian friends today I found some terrific gems I wanted to share:

For instance, if you think I can rage, you need to visit Sharon today. She burns with a wonderfully cold fire. Give him hell, Sharon!

I noticed that Chris otherwise known as Stavros has re-designed his site. I like it! And he’s thinking about going Orange. I want you all to go visit Chris and drop him a comment — tell him to give in to the Orange.

I cracked up with NJ Meryl’s story about her cat. The great thing about having a cat is they teach you how to have fun, every day.

Let’s hear it for the Cat people in the audience! Yeah!!!!

Back to my weblog visiting.


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