The Human Element

New calmer, soothing, more professional colors at the BB Tech Log. If your eyes burn out here, take a refreshing dip there. No, Jonathon — not the aqua I owe you from the bet. I’m saving that for a fun little tech treat that I’m trying to build in all my copious spare time.

I’ve had a very long day working on some pretty esoteric technologies. And it shows in my last posting for the day at BB Tech. It keeps running through my mind, more and more: the key to it all is the human element. We keep forgetting the human element in our web equations.

This is one of those times when communicating through the web and the internet doesn’t hack it. I want to get a group of interested people together in one room and hash it out. Sitting around a table drinking coffee and coke or a beer or whatever, pounding on the table, laughing at a reference, getting into a heated discussion. Work the thing through, together.

I think its time I stopped working at home and went out and got a job. Somewhere with people who like technology as much as I do. Is there any companies like that still left? Qualification to this one — in San Francisco?

Too bad all my favorite weblogging people are scattered to the winds of the world — I’d like to work with you. Most interesting group of people I’ve “met” in a long time.

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