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Form to Press

I’m in the process of porting the functionality I’ve created in Wordform to WordPress 2.0. You can see the working weblog here. While I’m at it, I’m updating the semantic weblog plugins to fit the new environment.

(Speaking of WordPress 2.0, did that go from source code control to release with no intervening beta period? Does this make it, then, Web 3.0–no beta at all?)

Some of the functionality I created with Wordform will be easy to implement in WordPress. For instance, I can create a new Administrative skin which, among other things, turns off the display of the in-page preview for the Write page. I can then add another plugin function to add a Preview button and open the preview full page, as I have it with Wordform. This was very difficult with older versions of WordPress because it wouldn’t display posts with draft status. Now, all you have to do is attach the page number to the end, and it displays. Be aware of this if you’re running WordPress–anyone can see your draft posts, as long as they can work through the post number.

This is the same functionality I have with Wordform. I had planned on putting in password protection, but never did.

Correction: In WordPress 2.0, it doesn’t display unless you’re logged in. My error. Sorry.

The comment management system I have is going to be tricky to implement in WordPress. This includes the post-edit, as well as my spam prevention techniques which are dependent on turning comments off after a certain period, adding in throttles, and the use of whitelisting. I also have to turn off ping and trackbacks, though not disable them. I particularly have to add plugins to remove that abysmal misuse of microformats, nofollow on links for commenters. This is on by default and I see no way in options of disabling this. Bluntly, this should be an option, because nofollow is a piece of crap. However, I believe plugins already exist for this.

I also have to see if the Dashboard can be overridden to remove the WordPress feed; at a minimum, I should be able to override the menu and remove the Dashboard option altogether.

Anyway, once I’ve worked these things through, I’ll port Burningbird back to WordPress.

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