Free the Dishmatique!

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Being the shy, retiring person that I am, I rarely bring up my membership in Blog U. However, when the man who holds the purse strings at Blog U, The Happy Tutor issues a call to action, who am I not to respond?

Tutor writes, in alarm, about the possibility of censorship with the budding new Crimson Blog Brigade, otherwise known as the Weblogs of Harvard. In particular he’s concerned about the following paragraph:


We want to be sure that all activities on Harvard-hosted weblogs are respectful of Harvard, and don’t exist for the purpose of promoting a product, or political cause or candidate.


Not promote a product, political cause, or candidate. This would ban about half of weblogging material, leaving only cats and sex as safe topics.

In defense of product endorsement, Tutor addresses another Blog U member, Jonathon Delacour, and Jonathon’s promotion of that erstwhile cleaning utensil, Dishmatique. Tutor writes:


Is Harvard Weblogs saying that, in the unlikely event the half-witted A-list Blogging Aussie were to attend Harvard that his weblog would be in violation of the rules against promoting products on a Harvard Weblog?

Not having ever used a Dishmatique since this is tool wielded only by males at Blog U, I wasn’t as alarmed by the possibility of Dishmatique becoming a banned topic. However, since I’m in the midst of writing a flogging post about Jonathon’s most recent post, I felt it only prudent to join with AKMA in support of my sudsy comrade at this time, even to the point of saying that Jonathon is more than a half-wit. He’s at least a three-quarter wit, and a little change to spare.

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