General Feb 5th stuff

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’ve been throwing around terms such as P2P and clouds lately. I thought I would upload some previous work that describes some of these terms, and also try out the Radio 8.0 Story feature.

First up: What the hell is P2P?

Note: Unfortunately, the story is readable but without my template. I’ll need to update my entire installation to get templates across the board it seems.

9:39:43 PM   

So Intel, Bea, Microsoft and other companies are going to show the world how web services are run.

What’s the price of interoperability?

8:40:56 PM   

This ought to be the perfect fit for blog techies: Google is having a programming contest. If a blogger doesn’t win, then we aren’t the Google fanatics I thought we were.

I’m in.

7:41:31 PM   

Note to the Radio 8.0 experts out there: Rogi and I are both looking for information about how to restrict the length of the content of the RSS feed within Radio 8.0.

Anyone have any any suggestions?

10:27:43 AM

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