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Take your hands off the keyboard…

After working with Radio 8.0, Blogger Pro, Graymatter, and Moveable Type this weekend (for writing assignments and for my own weblog use), I have reached a saturation point. Right at this moment, I can’t stand any of them — equally. Even taking a break and doing some work on one of the books and a little Perl scripting on the side and a couple of nice beach walks didn’t help. Too many blogging tools. Too much blogging. Too much computer. Deadlines will just have to slide.

What you see before you is the remnant of a woman who is drowned by a flood of blogging tools. And I’m tall — it would take a lot to drown me.

I don’t know how Garth can tweak and tweak and tweak and tweak with Radio. Man must have nerves of steel.

They all work, can do nifty things, and are really impressive pieces of software — but they all have something that goes haywire. Inconsistently haywire. Is it my machine? The tools? Me? Combination of the above?

Right now, my eyes (normally green) are a scary looking red color from too much time at the machine.

Take your hands off the keyboard, and back away slowly


You know something? Notepad never breaks. Think about it — have you ever crashed Notepad. I dare anyone to say that they’ve crashed Notepad.

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