Give peace a chance

In the last few weeks, there’s been a great deal of hostility in some of the weblogging neighborhoods. Other discussions have become heated, but most of those have been about politics and the (what was then) upcoming war in Iraq.

(It seems more fitting – if you’re going to get hostile, do it over something that really does matter in the long run. Argue and yell and stamp your feet and scream at each other because of war or because freedoms are being denied – not because of technology.)

It’s funny but we all say, “Why do we do this? Tsk, look at us squabbling. I grow so tired of this” – and then we proceed to link to these instances of bad behavior and make comments, and totally ignore pretty things. Like my moon pictures.

Here I go and post my first photos of the moon, which I thought were rather cool, and I had some fun with Photoshop, especially the ‘paired’ moon shot, but does this get notice? Only by a few people with, I dare say, exquisite taste. Everyone else was too busy elbowing themselves out of the way to respond to my post on the current fooflah of the moment. Including me.

(Uhm, I hasten to add: responses appreciated! Especially thoughtful ones! You all know what I mean. Don’t hate me.)

Doh! No wonder the same old fooflah continues, week after week. The only way to get attention around here is to pick a fight or join one in progress! The more petty the arguments, the more childish the name calling, the better. If we could find way to digitalize spitballs, we’d be using them, too.

No-no-no-no, I don’t blog it no more
I’m tired of waking up on the floor.

All I’m saying is, can’t we give peace a chance? Towards that intent, this week’s weblog reading and writing and participation is focused on:

  • sharing personal interests (writing, technology, politcs, philosophy, religion, poetry, photos, humor, critters, the outdoors, family and friends)
  • intelligent and civil discussions
  • undebatable cuteness

Here’s a start. And another. Here’s Bb as Legos. And good advice.

And one more chance for the moon pics. Next week I’m going back to water, trees, and reflections. Hmmph.


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