Habitual blogging

See what I did? I got back into the discussion of women in technology and women in technical conferences, and I didn’t want to. Not again. But I saw a few trigger words and bammo, there I was, back into the fray.

Bad self. Bad, bad self.

Too few women in technology and speaking at conferences is an important topic and conversation, yes; but it’s one I’ve been involved in too many times in the last several years – in this weblog and elsewhere. It seems it always comes back to us. The women. Why don’t we just submit more proposals? Why don’t we attend more conferences. Why don’t more of us just enter the field? Why don’t more of us make a difference in the field?

What is our problem?

Obviously, I don’t have the answers. I never will. Instead, I’ll leave it in the capable and motivated hands of people like Liz to continue the battle.

And I’ll write about something I have more of a chance to influence. Like the US policy in Iraq.

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