Heat continues

The heat advisory has been extended to the weekend. By the middle of the week, the real temperature is supposed to approach 100 degrees. This, combined with the humidity, will probably result in heat indexes of 110.

You go outside only if you have to. Early morning, late at night, doesn’t matter. When the sun is up, it bakes. When it’s down, the heat radiates from the cement. I’ll wait until dark to make a quick trip to the store, and I have fans in all of the rooms upstairs to help circulate the effects of the air conditioning.

Luckily I’m so busy this week with editing, I would have to stay home anyway. I am beginning to feel the effects of cabin fever, though. A bit cranky, a bit antsy. However, when I start to feel too pissy and moany about it, I remember that I have air conditioning and how would like the alternative of not having a nice, cooled, modern day cave in which to hold out against the worst of the heat?

No, didn’t work. I still feel pissy and moany.

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