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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I had some serious Perl/CGI/MT problems earlier and couldn’t post, and you all couldn’t access the comments. Not overly thrilled with my host at this moment, to be honest. Especially when I see indications of a machine that’s overly burdened.

The problem with my host is the same problem with any host whose customers are using the identical functionality — everyone’s hitting the same types of system needs at the same time. Most of the folks here abouts are using Movable Type against MySql. That means Perl, CGI, MySql, and some PHP.

I used the ‘top’ command on my Linux server to see who was using the CPU for what. I saw one process that was using about 90% of the CPU running a Perl command, which most likely accounted for some of my problems.. When that one ended I saw a lot of mt-comment.cgi calls. What was funny is I saw some webloggers I know. For instance, I saw¬†Moxie¬†floating past.

It’s strange who you can run into deep in the innards of a machine.

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