RDF Writing

It feels so good when you stop

I am so burned out from the push to finish the draft this last week. It got to the point that I was coding PHP into a Java class, and I kept looking at some Python, trying to figure out why it looked funny (it’s Python, it’s supposed to look funny).

And then I had to install .NET to finish the review of the C# API, and that hosed my W2K system up for a bit.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am for such a patient editor? Simon St. Laurent is every tech writer’s dream. And Dorothea Salo has been my content and “interested but RDF naive” tech editor, and has been doing a splendid job. I’d link to them, but even that’s too much technology at the moment.

Dorothea asked me if I was upgrading to Movable Type 2.6. I’m not sure if I replied to her email (Dorothea, if I didn’t, sorry, but this last week has been a mess.) However, I think I’m at my limit of tweaking right at this moment. The thought of going out to my server and playing around with Perl modules, well, it makes me want to stick my head in a snow bank outside, and just leave it there.

It seriously does.

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