It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood

I’m not wearing a button down sweater, but I can still do the neighborhood:

  • From Doug comes rumors of Discovery Channel’s next big thing: Amoeba Week! Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the pond.
  • Elaine points to a discussion on favorite restaurants that are gone. One mentioned is Farrell’s. When I lived in Seattle, Farrell’s was the place to take people to embarrass them on their birthday. The kids loved it, but the adults also got a kick out of the singing and drum playing and what not as huge ice cream treats were delivered to tables with all pomp and ceremony. Farrell’s was the restaurant equivalent of Facebook: all you had to do was show up and everyone in the room instantly became your friend.
  • Chuq points out iResq, which provides iPod service, including battery replacement. I’ve decided to turn my iPod into a car music box, instead. I have a car charger, and my iPod plugs into my car stereo system. I’ll just leave the pretty brick in the car.
  • My next weblog is going to be single-purpose, because you get great things for free. Things like candy. Two major candy weblogs are passing on the freebies, though, by having giveaway contests: Candy Addict is having both a giveaway, and a candy treasure hunt; Candy Blog is sharing the wealth of goodies she got from the Candy Expo. The Candy Blog’s deadline is September 30th, though, so get your entry in now.
  • Agile Ajax points to a wealth of resources on regular expressions. I must admit to being one that associated regular expressions and ‘hate’ on a, well, regular basis. You have to work with them, though, and it’s also a good learning experience for the non-techs who have to muck around with their .htaccess files.
  • Sterling has a fun article with useful advice for creating user interfaces with Simon says, don’t play Simon with your users.
  • Loren has gone to the butterflies, reminding me that I also need to visit our butterfly house here again, someday.

Among these are links to my three reviewers/tech editors for my upcoming book on web graphics: Loren, Elaine, and Chuq. They each provide a terrific perspective on both the topic and writing, and I’m lucky to have them.

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