Jonathon Delacour web design

Jonathon is still into CSS land, and Chris has tired of orange. Blue looks pretty good.

Foxy Gary seems busy — a new blogicon item, JOHO, and now he wants to re-design his site. Sigh. Is everyone looking to re-design their sites? Am I the lone bastion of tasteless weblogging design?

The Mighty Geek beat me out for Color Scheme Most LIkely to cause Epileptic Seizures in the anti-bloggie awards. Well, the site does have orange in it.

I like Rogi’s new Radio weblog. However, Rogi, the crowd is out to get anyone doing white on black. Your days are numbered, man.

Sharon got a new car. I understand her excitement. Cool. You’ll have to teach more 3rd graders now, Shar.

From the Treetop has a nice essay on spam. I find that she has this great common sense outlook to life that’s rather refreshing. Problems with spam? Just delete it. End of story.

Allan Moult is talking about trekking through the Northern Territory by camel. Now that is an adventure. This follows on his tale of Dizzy that promises to be a very good story, and which I hope Allan continues, soon.

I’d cover other favorites, but I can’t stand this modem any longer!



“It’s the words. They’re all that matters”

Jonathon struggled with a new weblog design because folks were having trouble reading his content. That was a cool thing — being more concerned that people were having problems and wanting to resolve said problems than worrying about abandoning his earlier carefully crafted design.

Take a moment, stop by, and tell him you appreciate his effort — or the Orange Worman will get pissed. Very pissed. And you don’t want this because Orange is spreading over the land — damn, even the sky was orange yesterday!

I’m like a plague.

BTW, I also wanted to congratulate Karl on some very tough conversion work lately. Trying to pull sanity out of an insane mess is not easy or trivial. There’s been grumblings about the effort, but any major effort will have ups and downs. Whether it’s the re-organization of a major set of web sites, or the release of a new product such as Radio 8.0, regardless of what you do and the best intentions — someone somewhere won’t like it, and shit happens.

Was that crude? I think that was crude. I’m feeling much better today.

My connectivity sucks, to put it delicately. I’ll post when I can. Today, I’m going to go play at the San Diego zoo. I’ve never been there, and have always wanted to go. If I have time, I’ll hit Seaworld, too

JOHO will be blogless for a day or two, and I can understand where he’s coming from. When you’re used to weblogging, not blogging is the same as leaving the room at a party — you know you’re missing the interesting parts every time you go pee.

Oh that was crude, too. I’m feeling MUCH much better. Time to go feed the fishies.

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