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Lost in the moment

I spent several hours until the setting sun finally drove me home tonight exploring along Highway 94, Katy Trail, and points beyond and between – getting totally lost in the beauty. I have so many pictures, I’ll have to post them throughout the week. And stories of trees with eyes and swamps and bats and rolling mists coming in across green fields, with echoing sounds of bull frogs and birds. Think of the stereotype of beauty and this is that beauty.

And then there’s the biker bar, which probably accounted for the bike half buried in the mountain along the way.

I must be disciplined tomorrow and finish the test weblog install on the server (ably assisted by that wonderful Webmin software), and write “Linux for Poets: What’s in a name”. I also have some paperwork I must finish by day’s end. Once done, though, I have a story I want to write, and more on the trip today – with photos.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow will be even better.


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