Technology Weblogging

Where birds burn together

The shared weblog for the Burningbird Network Co-op members has been created, and first posting published. At this time, the site is still accessed by IP.

To get to this point, the following was installed:

Linux (7.3)
Apache web server (1.3.27)
MySQL (4.0)
Perl (5.6)
The DBI support for perl to MySQL
PHP 4.x
Movable Type 2.64

Websim handles almost all of the configuration, including finding and installing the support libraries for ImageMagick. The server is now fully configured for support of Movable Type 2.64, using MySQL.

Essential services have been setup to restart automatically if the server is re-booted, which should happen rarely.

Next up – nameserver, followed by “Linux for Poets: What’s in a name”

We be cookin’ now.

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