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Lurking tool hit one

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I was asked in the BlogHer chat if my ears were burning and I can see why — I was mentioned in the opening session debate of the conference.

Here is a liveblogging account where Mena Trott says that I dismiss her, and criticize the company because there are no women in it. I don’t think I’ve mentioned Mena Trott for the longest period of time, but I have been critical of Six Apart as the company has not hired women to do back end development. In fact, I don’t think any women are involved with the development of the tool at all now, but could be wrong.

As for Meg Hourihan, I’ve never dismissed her contribution as a Blogger developer, and Catarina Fake knows I hold her in high esteem. Interesting.

What followed is a note about Marc Canter and if we don’t like how the tools work, create our own and tell the guys to fuck off.

A great idea Marc. I’ll start something and then see if Joi will fund me. Then the blogging guys could do what they want, undistrubed by us pesky women asking embarrassing questions.

Most definitely looking forward to hearing the transcript now.

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