May I see your driver’s license?

“May I see your driver’s license and registration, please.”

I comply.

“Ma’am, are you aware of the speed limit here on the reservation?”

Three days and close to 1800 miles later, I’m in St. Louis — after an 18 hour drive from an hour west of Albuquerque. I spent the first two days wondering Arizona back roads and the Navajo Nation. Good things and bad. And definitely lessons filed under “I’ll never do that again.”

I don’t think a vacation is truly complete if you don’t have at least one incidence of “I’ll never do that again”, do you?

Full trip report — with photos — later. Too big for a posting. Hint: Think Cathedral Rocks, add in getting lost in the desert, mix with seeing who has bigger balls –me or the truckers (figuratively speaking) — and top it off with the Blue Angels.

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