Emerging Technologies Conf

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Dave mentioned today that he’ll be giving a presentation at the Emerging Technologies Conference.

My conference proposal was rejected, which was disappointing — particularly since the session I gave at the first P2P conference was successful. Such is life.

So if you’re going to the conference you can see Dave, but you’ll miss the following session:


Proposal Information


Title: Smart Web Services

Conference: O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2002

Type: Paper

Duration: 45m

Audience Level: Experienced

Audience Type: Session is geared towards developers, technology architects, and other technology practioners.

Preferred Date: All


How’s this for a product: you put it out on the street, and it goes out and finds the customer rather than waiting for the customer to find it.

Web services are handy, but they’re passive and not all that smart. What’s missing in their basic implementation is other functionality such as web service events, transaction management, security, service discovery, verification, as well as service identification.

In particular, web services sit passively waiting for a client to discover them, through UDDI or other publication processes.

This session takes a look at one aspect of smarter web services — service discovery and identification. In particular it looks at the use of Resource Description Framework (RDF) in addition to other technologies to create services that that can actively market themselves. Borrowing from the efforts associated with the semantic web and intelligent agents, in addition to the decentralization research of P2P, these services can then seek out the client, rather than waiting for the client to seek them.

Actual demonstrations of both technology and concepts will be provided in the session.

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