Mind the Blog

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Only in weblogdom would you have such customer service attitude and “You want it? You got it, babes!”

I asked for Mind the Blog as a mug from Gary at Blogstickers and lookie at what we got:

Mind the Blog coffee mugs!!

Rageboy would be proud of you Gary. You da man.

Update: Okay, to support this cause, whereby proceeds go to help support Blogstickers, first five people in my comments get a Mind the Blog coffee mug, courtesy of Me! BurningBird! Last of the big time spenders. Update Again: Ignore my comments in the mix. And Yes, I’ll pay shipping to Australia. I draw the line at China, though.

Quick! Before my credit card company catches up with me!

Final Update On this Blurb: That was fun! Luckily the store can ship international. I just sent the winners an email to get their addresses. And we’ve helped Gary to support the Blogstickers weblog.

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