Day 1 in Exile

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Hello babees! Today is Day 1 in exile!

Like the new color? Fits “BurningBird” doesn’t it? Orange: edgy, quick tempered, a little manic, and in your face. But with charm, don’t forget that part. Bitter-sweet, yeah, that’s me.

Actually, the color change was a purely impulsive act. One nice thing about having a plain layout — you can change things on a whim. And I am nothing if not whimsical.

Hey Radio 8.0 users, I have a big favor to ask of you. I’m writing a review of Radio 8.0 for O’Reilly Networks, and I’m looking for feedback from the user community about your experiences with the product. If you’re interested in participating, please send me an email with the following info (or attach a comment to this posting if you’re shy):

    • Name, email, URL of Radio weblog site (optional)
  • What features of Radio 8.0 have you used?
  • What features are your favorite?
  • What features are missing or incomplete?
  • Have you used any external interface into or out of the product? If so, what and how?
  • How was your installation experience? And on what OS?
  • Will you continue to use it? If so, why? If not, why not?
  • If you had a weblog before, what software did you use to maintain it?
  • What’s your technical background?

Your answers will be strictly confidential unless you tell me I can blab. When the article comes out, we’ll have a party at my weblog, you bring the booze and I’ll supply the mariachi band.

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