Mind the email virus

I’ve had an unusually high number of email virus attempts to wreck havoc on my tender little system today. My quarantine area of Norton is beginning to resemble fly paper in a particularly hot, moist, and odorous climate. (This is where you all go “Ewwww, yuck!”)

Of course you all know not to open emails (not even for review) that don’t have a subject line, right? And you all know not to have email preview/review turned on with Outlook, right?

Ah, I love the coming of Spring. Green leaves, flower buds, warmer winds, and fresh, happy little computer viruses digging their busy little way through the Internet, chipping away at each node like it’s a particularly tasty little tender tree root…

…that it then STRIPS of all nutrients, leaving it withered and dessicated, brown, and crumbling in the hot noon day sun before moving on like a RAVENING HORDE to the other trees in the forest until the whole damn Internet is just one desert with us as pack animals HOWLING in the night desperate to find each other in a system that’s no longer functioning!!!

Ahem. Ah. Well. Hmmm.

It’s okay. I’m all better now. Just a little posting to say “Mind the Email Virus.”

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