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Not the best welcome home

Managed to make it from San Francisco to St. Louis in two days, but I’m tired, Very tired. I have photos and stories, but unfortunately, I came home and found that the co-op server was hit. The open Sendmail door, unfortunately, but from the nature of what I’m seeing, it looks like the hit to our server was part of the hacker contest today.

If you’ve sent email to me in the last few days, hold until the all clear and then please re-send. If you need to talk to me, please put message in comments for now, until I get this fixed.

I’ve shut down email in the meantime until we have something else working.

Update From a comment left, it would seem that the hackers are also hacking the Movable Type comments.

Second Update Okay, have deleted all the outgoing emails in the queue – take that spam/hackers. And then I’ve assigned all incoming emails to postmaster to /dev/null, which basically discards them. I had 15,000 emails waiting me when I got home. I knew I wasn’t that popular.

Finally, I turned off relaying, which means people will get incoming email, including me, but no one can send using the co-op server. If you’ve sent me email, I’d appreciate it if you would resend. Tomorrow, if I can finally get some sleep, I’ll look at a replacement for Sendmail.

F**cking Hackers.

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