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October 5th is Web 1.0 Retro day

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Thanks to zo in my comments and Ken Camp, I was able to find out about the upcoming Web 1.0 conference:

Sponsored by 43 Folders and the year 1998, with generous contributions from Adaptive Path, Mule Design, WordPress, Blogger, Flickr, and Central Desktop.

We will meet to discuss line breaks, spacer gifs, and the ability to launch links in a new browser window.

Proposed format for brief, non-primarily-drinking-and-socializing portion of the Conference:

1. You sign up on a sheet to do your presentation
2. I hold and manage a timer (duh)
3. You have 2.0 minutes to make a case for your 1.0 technology or squirrely business model
4. Whenever you say “monetize,” “font face,” or any of a variety of secret 1998 words, everyone drinks
5. Repeat until a) 20 minutes, b) we get bored, or c) every person in the room completes a first round of funding

I was so sad to miss the last event. I plan on attending this one spiritually since I can’t make it physically.

So set your big honking digital watches, the ones with the face that’s at least six inches across, because October 5th is Web 1.0 day.

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