Of course EOF is an error, only morons disagree with that

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Privacy issues, nothing: wait until you see what developers really think about their users.

Kottke has a listing of searches on Google’s new code search feature. What happens when you mix data mining and programmer’s deepest darkest secrets, locked away in comments not meant to be seen? Well, I don’t know about how useful the results, but it’s entertaining as hell. (She says after first frantically searching to see if any of her secrets are included–thank goodness for developing in scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP, where everything is out in the open.)

Among some of the discoveries that Kottke details are usernames and passwords, and proprietary and confidential code. That’s not funny. What is funny is searching on terms such as stupid users, though to be fair, stupid programmer is also entertaining. My personal favorites are:


I hate this


I’m tired

who cares

Who designed this

Give me a break

…and that classic: piece of shit

I feel like the Google’s code search is introducing the non-tech world to a newly discovered tribe: with our own hidden language and bizarre rituals and customs.

I am called Shelley, and I’ll be your native guide.

update And Google code search is really broken, too. I guess maybe the developers were tired.

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