Radio Blog Entry First Day

Posts from throughout the first day testing Userland’s Radio blogging tool on January 17th, 2002. Recovered from the Wayback Machine.


Sneak in a little test of Radio 8.0 while Dave’s at InfoWorld. Trying out the Windows-based version first, Mac OS X later.


Dave and Userland’s interpretation of a cloud is virtually identical to Ray Ozzie’s in his implementation of Groove.


Two-Way-Web: SOAP meets RSS. [Dave Winer: Radio UserLand]

RSS, but not RSS 1.0…


Maybe it’s handy I have a back up blog since my web server has just gone down…again. I am very unimpressed with Interland – nothing but problems since they bought out hostpro. My web sites only get about 3000 visitors a day; that’s not an overwhelming amount.



This post was deleted — deletes and edits are VERY easy. Data backed up somewhere? Have to look.


John, Dave – you all need a button a person could push that means

I really didn’t mean to do that!!!

Luckily, uninstall and reinstall works rather nicely to solve certain problems.


DaveĀ caught me screwing around

…with Radio 8 that is.

This is my Id. My superego is at theĀ Burningbird Network. I’m not sure where my ego is yet.

What do you call a person posting to multiple weblogs at a time? One sad puppy in need of a life. Sigh.


Going to try changing the template next. I also want to see about adding comment capability. Hits are okay, but I prefer chatting with visitors.


Dave, all in all a pretty decent tool.

You done good.

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