Weblogging Jan 16 2002

graceful end to what could have been an ugly and unfunny blog war.

Well done.

(Yeah. Yeah. I’m going back to my writing. Just wanted to update a thread that needed updating. And NJ Meryl, a little tune just for you…just because I’m an evil woman.)


My apologies to readers for down time earlier (which is why I’m posting and not writing at this moment). I’m still waiting to hear from InterLand about the cause of the problems, this time.

Nex time I move, I swear I’m going to start hosting my own server. I may still have problems but I won’t have the following conversations:


    • Me: So what was the problem?


Them: There were latency problems

Me: Due to….?

Them: Problems

Me: And….?

Them: The problems have been fixed.

Me: And why were there problems?

Them: Latency.



In the meantime, there’s been a little sizzle related to Jonathon’s Blogicon item.

BTW – Winerlog, I gave you a little link-love…

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