Singing the blues

Congratulations to Sheila Lennon who will be on the Flogging the Blogs: Debating Best Practices panel at the ONA conference in Chicago. She joins some well known luminaries such as Andrew Sullivan, Tom Regan, Jeff Jarvis, and Esther Dyson as they take apart publications and their online presence.

Sheila has never been in Chicago before and is looking for some hot Blues – wait, wait, that doesn’t sound right – she’s looking for some cool Blues places. Or in her words: Any suggestions of great gritty blues bars in Chicago?.

I can’t recommend any good Blues Bars in Town. I’ve been in Chicago several times, but usually on my own, and I won’t go to nightclubs by myself in a city I don’t know. Yeah, I know this is the modern times and women go to bars by themselves. However, every time I have in the past, it’s not worked out. Too bad, too, because I do, from time to time, like to go to a hot bar playing cool tunes.

If you know Chicago, send recommendations Sheila’s way.

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