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We just hate being contacted

The discussion about copyright, generally, and Creative Commons, specifically is continuing elsewhere, and I’m extremely pleased to see others speak out with their concerns, opinions, and questions. In particular, I loved what Phil Ringnalda wrote today: What strikes me as uproariously funny about the rush to CC license weblogs, though, is that probably the most useful feature […]


Are the fish spawning?

I had a friend ask me a couple of days ago why it’s taking so long to finish the Practical RDF book. I had to laugh (either that or scream) because to write about something such as Siderean Software’s RDF-based search and navigation product, Seamark, required reading over 100 pages of documentation, not to mention installation of […]

Legal, Laws, and Regs Technology

Bombs Away!

Recovered from the Wayback Machine. Pessimists see the world from its dark side — always the glass half empty. They never see that the world can be made better, that problems can be solved. They are not constructive, though they aren’t destructive. Idealists, on the other hand, only see the light. In their world, the […]